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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Kashmiri Girl

No poems lately.. but here's a song I recently composed..

Kashmiri Girl (Click here to listen)

(Lyrics: Rohinton Daruwala, Music: Me :) )

[guitar intro]

Met you on a monsoon day
Sweet fairy shivering away
Forgivin' of bad pickup lines

Couldn't get you to stay any longer
Than the few months when the
Seasons change between two lives

I want to.. take you down off your.. snowy bed and kiss.. away
All the places.. you silently.. bled your life.. away

Washed our feet in laughter
Streets like flooded rivers
On drunken rainy days

Boys like brown frogs in water
Never saw them trippin' on gunfire
On cold lonely ways

[repeat chorus]


Me drunk and helpless while
They took you out to die like
A shower of rose petals on the snow

These nights I search the sky
For the colour of your hair but find
The stars mocking me so

[modified intro]

(How can forgiveness grow
On ground where shame still burns?
Your breath accuses me now)

[repeat chorus]

On a Mumbai monsoon day
I beg the rain to take me away
Down to the silent snow

Hope you like it!


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